In nanotechnology, we think very, very small. A nano particle is to a marble what a marble is to Mother Earth. So nano-particles act different. Nano coatings bond completely with the substructure, so they do not wear thin or out. And they leave glass and plastic clear. Easy-to-clean nanotechnology products are already widely used: bathroom tiles, scratch-free coatings for wood, plastics, metal and leather, impregnated textiles for chairs and sofas, self-cleaning ovens. Nano coating keeps stainless steel gleaming and free from fingerprints, scratches and oxidation.

Saarland Technology Corporation
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The INM — Leibniz Institute for New Materials, situated in Saarbrücken (Germany), engages in fundamental and applied materials research and development — from molecules to pilot production.

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Science Park Saar - Where science and industry meet. Science Park Saar offers new technology-based companies and new businesses an optimal growth environment.

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